Dick's Computer Concepts is pleased to offer attractive leasing programs (and lease-to-own) in cooperation with Lease $mart.  We want to make your acquisition of our equipment as easy and affordable as possible!

For example, lease payments on our Model VFRCB can be as low as $33 per month, on approved credit. Lease payments on our new Model VFRCH can be as low as $40 per month, on approved credit.

Many other leasing programs are available for your consideration.  In order to estimate lease payment options for your specific situation, Lease $mart will need to know the following items:

  1. The total cost of the equipment/system you want to acquire;
  2. How long your business has been established under its current ownership; and
  3. Whether the business and its principals have reasonably clean credit.

All payment estimates by Lease $mart are subject to final credit approval.

To discuss your specific equipment needs and get sample lease payments, you may contact Lease $mart directly at 800/947-2451 or by e-mail at dickscomputerconcepts@lease-smart.com.

To submit your credit application online, please click on the following link: apply now

If you need specifics on any of Dick's Computer Concepts' systems or equipment, please contact Dick's Computer Concepts directly at 520-991-5418 or email us here

Lease $mart is an independent equipment leasing company which works closely with Dick's Computer Concepts.  You are welcome to make you own independent arrangements for leasing or financing of Dick's Computer Concepts' equipment, subject to the final approval of any such payment arrangements by Dick's Computer Concepts.


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