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Dick's Computer Concepts is service. Even though we sell and lease new computers, our focus is serving the needs of individuals, offices, and small networks. It is also new computers, business leasing, computer parts, network solutions, pre-owned computers, and web hosting, but above all, service. To most computer companies, service is a 24 hour hot-line, with the ever pervasive, 'this call may be monitored' message, and at least five choices so that the first five or ten minutes go by more quickly. To us, service begins when we first discuss your needs as a new computer user. You need a computer that is not going to display 'out of memory' errors or 'resources dangerously low' messages. This irritation is one that is caused by building a new computer that is optimized for it's cost and not for it's performance. You need a computer that does not come to you preloaded with trial versions and shareware so that it seems as though you're getting more than you really are. We will make sure that you have more than you need so that you won't have to pay for an upgrade in 6 months. Everyone knows that as computers become more powerful, software manufacturers will continue to exploit this factor and programs will become bigger and demand more resources. Windows 7 is much better at managing everything than it's predecessor. Unlike most computer manufacturers, DCC will provide a computer that can be upgraded, if it does become necessary. If you have any questions, email us or call us at  520-991-5418

The AMD FX with 8 cores and AMD APU processors offer the extra performance needed to give you the ultimate Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 Professional x64  experience. At DCC, we believe that AMD products will out perform any other product line.



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